King Brown Matte Pomade – Should you try it?

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King Brown Matte Pomade
I know there are plenty of fellas on the Coast who love a sweet fade and to try out a good pomade so when a mate recommended I check out King Brown Matte Pomade, a hair care product they say is made of the highest quality ingredients (like natural waxes) – and is made right here in Australia, I was keen to give it a try.

My name is Josh and I am a Central Coast born and bred bloke who gets to design cool things for a living. The fact that my mates keep telling me that I'll soon have a devon patch kind of makes me a bit self conscious of my hair and is what got me interested in checking out different men's grooming products. I’m no male model or expert in barbering here, but just like with everything, start simple, learn as you go and find what works for you. The digital world is my life and I like to be able to help people out where I can.

If your looks are important to you, then you know how much of a role your hair plays in your appearance. If you’re having bad hair day after bad hair day and have tried every hair care product imaginable, then you are probably growing as frustrated as I have been. When I tell you that I have tried dozens of products – from gels and mousses to hairsprays and waxes – I’m not kidding. Most of them seem to be a bit hit and miss with what they claim they will do, most of the time I just end up with lego hair.

King Brown Matte Pomade

Like I said, King Brown Matte Pomade seems to be making waves in the industry and was recommended to me. He loves it – and apparently you local Central Coast fellas are loving it too. I decided to give it a go, and now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks, I wanted to share my thoughts about the product with you.

My Thoughts on King Brown Matte Pomade

King Brown Matte Pomade is a “dry hold” clay pomade. It’s specially formulated for short hair and for anyone who wants to achieve a “textured style” or is going for that “all natural” look. It’s made right here in Australia, which I like, It’s always good to know that you’re helping Australian businesses.

Lately I just haven’t been able to find a product that really helped my weird noggin and I’ve spent a pretty good chunk of change on gels and the like that I just wound up chucking in the bin. He said that he uses King Brown products himself and that he was pretty impressed with the results.

So, here’s what I reckon…


King Brown Matte Pomade is made of a blend of natural waxes and top-of-the-line ingredients, such as tree moss, malt extract, cera alba (aka beeswax) and copernicia cerifera wax. Not that means anything to you blokes, but apparently it’s good.


The texture is creamy and smooth. It’s non-greasy, which is a good thing for your hair and your hands. It easily spreads through your hair and washes off your hands when you’re done relatively easy. At least that has been my experience. It really does feel like clay, but in a good way. It’s dry and kind of waxy.


Applying King Brown Matte Pomade is pretty easy. I’m sure you know how to apply it, but just for anyone struggling, put your index finger in the tin and take a scoop out that fills the top of your finger (see my pic), spread it into the palms of your hand and over your fingertips and rub it through your hair.

Don’t go nuts though, a little bit goes a long way! The pic below shows my tin which I have been using for 3 weeks. I apply it on dry hair after I have a shower in the morning, so I use a comb to make sure I get an even application.

How much King Brown Matte Pomade to use - Depends how long your hair is, but this is how much I use which is very generous.


Unlike other hair products that I have tried, this does not have a “girly” scent. Instead, for me, it has a very weird smell. I can’t explain it; you have to experience the aroma yourself. The first time I used it I was thinking along the lines of baby wipes? Whatever it is, it is not overpowering. Maybe I just have a messed up sense of smell. In saying that, I have since got used to it now that I’ve been using it for a while.


Not that I’m a male hair model over here, but I had no issues with styling at all. I just put it through my hair and used my trusty Uppercut Deluxe comb to style it how I like. If you like to go for a smoother, sleeker more “businessman” look, you won’t have any problems running a comb through the product so you can achieve the style you are going for.


I think it holds pretty well. However, I do notice a bit of “fraying”, if you will. It’s not really meant to give a super sleek, finished look, but rather a natural, effortless style. The hold lasts for most of the day, but I tend to find mid arvo that it seems to loose it hold, which is OK seeing as it is a light/medium dry hold. Lightweight is preferable for me, otherwise I’ll get lego hair.


The tin it comes in is pretty nice, they’ve done a great job on branding – typical of me to check out the branding of a product first. The lid does seem to come off a little too easy though, so maybe be careful if you’re traveling with it.

King Brown Matte Pomade - Here's what it looks like

Conclusion: 9/10

My final verdict: I give King Brown Matte Pomade two thumbs up. Overall, I am happy with it, although I will continue to trial more pomades so that I can compare and figure out if this is the best product for me.

If you’re interested in trying King Brown Matte Pomade, here’s where you can buy it for a good price. Again, It’s a good quality, reasonably priced product – try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!
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