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Central Coast Barber Services

Barber Shop Services on the Central Coast

A barber is a profession, which many of us think as of old school and remember stories our grandfathers told us of their lifestyle trends. Many of today’s barbers use the original equipment, practice the same technique, and still retain that atmosphere of barber shops of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. One can say that not much has really changed in barbering except that it is making a come back in Australia, in a big way.

The profession is regarded as an art form that requires skills, training, a steady hand and sharp eyes. A lot of men are tired of the mediocre experience where they are treated like a number, most frustrated with the level of customer service and just disappointed by the skills of the hairdresser. It seems like a pretty common sense approach that women will be good at cutting women’s hair and men will be good at cutting men’s hair. Men, these days, are more looking for a traditional barber shop, especially a local shop on the Central Coast which is tailored just for men. Hopefully this continues to grow and it’s not just guys jumping on the bandwagon because it’s the latest trend.

The traditional barber shop we think of most commonly was all about men having a place where they are treated like a king. A yet focused luxurious establishment where they could relax with a cold beverage, be it a beer or my preference of Jack Daniels and Dry and receive one-on-one good attention for their hair and beard, listen to good music and feel relaxed. Back in the day you would arrive for your appointment, be offered a complimentary beverage, and then you would be assigned a stylist who is responsible for learning more about you and your specific hair situation, they will partner with you to understand what’s your frustration, the kind of look you are trying to achieve and what style you have tried so far, so that they will be fully informed before they start working on your cut. The good thing about this is that we are starting to see more shops offer this kind of service. Some barbers offers clients the good old classic cut and shave – a lot of nostalgia and perks to go along with them, some offer a trademark pompadour look while some offer their clients a shampoo, scalp massage and even a shoulder massage!

The main objective of a barber is to ensure that the client is satisfied with the services performed as the overall goal is to build a clientele of repeat customers, including new customers through customer referrals. It is common practice for highly skilled barbers to develop loyal clients who utilise their services for years. As a result of this, many neighbourhood barber shops are a place where gentlemen socialise and embrace each other’s company which in result helps to build a clientele of satisfied and loyal customers.

The present-day barbers are experts at what they do, though these days the clients they serve expect it. Their service not only involves executing a precision haircut, they can also perform other services such as beard restyling, beard trimming and the full traditional hot towel cut-throat shave.

Some barbers in addition to carrying out hair and hair skincare service, they extend their services to the following:

  • Carrying out client consultations.
  • Applying hot towels to the face to open pores.
  • Using blow driers to blow hair.
  • Stocking their shelves with hair waxes/clays and beard oils.
  • Cleaning and sterilizing tools and equipment which includes scissors, combs and clippers.

Men should go to a barber. Simple.

Barbers are specially trained to cut men’s hair, they know what men are looking for in a haircut and are always familiar with the range of men’s styles so it makes sense to go see your local barber.

  1. He knows how to cut men’s hair. Most standard hairdressers are women who concentrate mostly on cosmetology and may not be good at achieving fantastic haircut for men, barbers, on the other hand, are specifically trained in the culture of cutting men’s hair. They study men’s hair types and their different styles and so they have detailed knowledge of both current and classic styles.
  2. The environment of barbershop is masculine. barbershops are constructed with the intension of men’s relaxation, where they can sit back and enjoy themselves with the experiences it creates. Most present-day shops try to keep the nostalgia of the early days alive, which in turn ends up being a great experience for the clients.
  3. Barber shops provide the top of the line hair products. Most of the barbershops have special men’s hair products which include pomades and mousses. In all, he will be able to help you and decide which of the products you should get that will best suit your hair.
  4. You can get more than a haircut. They offer services more for gentlemen. In addition to getting a haircut from an expert in men’s haircut, you can get a beard trim, moustache trim, scalp massage, line up and many more you can think of. You can get a legendary hallmark of great barbershop hot lather to shave with a straight razor which is only available in barbershops.
It’s awesome to see traditional barbershop services have grown into popularity over the last few years and we hope to see them thrive on the Central Coast.
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